Pecorino Romano PDO goes international

The European Union has granted approval for two international promotion initiatives, allocating a total budget of five million euros. These projects are strategically directed towards the markets of Italy, Germany, and Japan
Pecorino Romano PDO goes international

The primary objective of the Consortium for the Protection of Pecorino Romano PDO is to enhance its competitiveness in global markets, bolstering the product’s presence as part of a robust initiative to promote both Italian and European agri-food sectors. To achieve this, the Consortium is set to launch two promotional projects, valued at three and a half million euros in Italy and Germany (Empire) and one and a half million euros in Japan (Kyoi). Commencing in the initial months of 2024, both endeavors are slated for a three-year duration.

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The campaign’s focal point, aligned with the chosen priority, centers on disseminating information and promoting Pecorino Romano PDO as a distinguished product, proudly made in Italy. Emphasis will be placed on its attributes encompassing food safety, traceability, authenticity, labeling compliance, nutritional value, health considerations, animal welfare, environmental stewardship, and sustainability. Primary targets for this initiative include Horeca operators, retailers, opinion leaders, and end consumers, as elucidated by Consortium President Gianni Maoddi.

The overarching strategy involves constructing a narrative that elevates the recognition of Pecorino Romano PDO, differentiating it from other dairy products. The campaign will leverage various channels, including social media, innovative recipes, show cooking, specialized press, and industry professionals.


In the Japanese language, Kyoi translates to wonder. Against the backdrop of the burgeoning popularity of Italian cuisine in Japan, particularly dishes like Carbonara, Cacio e Pepe, and Amatriciana, wherein Pecorino Romano PDO plays a pivotal role, the Consortium aims to further elevate the product’s recognition.

The strategy for the Japanese market revolves around distinguishing Pecorino Romano PDO from non-original Italian-sounding alternatives, underscoring its exceptional sensory qualities and health attributes. Japanese consumers, known for their keen focus on a healthy lifestyle and preference for products aligned with environmental sustainability, are a prime target audience. These efforts will be amplified through collaboration with influencers, trendsetters, food bloggers, and specialized media, creating an association between Pecorino Romano PDO and its roots in Mediterranean culinary tradition while showcasing its versatility, trendiness, and innovative applications.

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