Pecorino Romano PDO’s new specification unveiled

A restricted list of traditional sheep breeds has been introduced for the production of milk that can be used as raw material
Pecorino Romano PDO’s new specification unveiled

The Consortium for the Protection of Pecorino Romano PDO has approved the new rules of the product specifications. Among the various provisions, they include the list of sheep breeds allowed for the production of milk to be used for making this renowned Italian cheese.

The Consortium’s member companies have decided that breeders who wish to supply milk to be destined for Pecorino Romano PDO will have to reconvert their farms within the next 7 years, in the case of breeds other than those indicated in the specifications.

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The allowed breeds included in the product specification are: Razza Sarda (including the Nera di Arbus sub-population), Vissana, Sopravissana, Comisana, Massese, and Pecora dell’Amiata.

We found a solution that was shared by all and synthesizes the different views,” says Consortium president Gianni Maoddi. “The seven years foreseen for the reconversion assure all operators the necessary time to organize themselves. Starting with the breeders”.

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