Pecorino Romano PDO: the novel promotion endeavor in the United States is now underway

The inaugural step, targeting a pivotal market for the esteemed Italian cheese, unfolded during the 2023 edition of the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York
Pecorino Romano PDO: the novel promotion endeavor in the United States is now underway

The inaugural leg of “PR on Top,” the cutting-edge promotional initiative for Pecorino Romano PDO, set the stage ablaze at the latest edition of Summer Fancy Food 2023 in New York, where the illustrious Italian cheese stole the spotlight in its domain. With an ardent following in the United States, the Pecorino Romano PDO achieved a record-breaking performance in 2022, boasting an average price of $12,384 per kilo and a remarkable +15.6% surge in turnover compared to the previous year.

Gianni Maoddi, President of the Consortium for the Protection of Pecorino Romano PDO, emphasized that the United States has always held a position of strategic significance, warranting intensified focus. “Our promotion endeavors never wane, and thus, the Summer Fancy Food 2023 became an integral part of our new promotion project, PR on TOP, which commands a generous investment of three million euros. The resounding success at the recent Winter Fancy Food event in Las Vegas fueled our enthusiasm. Notably, the allure of Pecorino Romano PDO extends beyond the industrial sphere, captivating the realms of fine dining, retail, and ready-to-eat cuisine,” Maoddi said.

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The PR ON TOP campaign made its grand debut in the United States last March, encompassing a comprehensive suite of activities, including prominent participation in leading culinary expos. Pecorino Romano PDO will assume a central role in numerous events and purposeful engagements, seeking to augment its already substantial consumer base. Furthermore, the campaign will align with strategic sponsorship endeavors and collaborations with top-tier specialized media. Among these media channels are the esteemed online platform SoYummy and the revered Starchefs platform, both revered as vital touchpoints for the culinary fraternity overseas.

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