Amatriciana Tradizionale TGS has been officially registered

The Italian Food Geographical Indications are now 301
Amatriciana Tradizionale TGS has been officially registered

A new Italian Geographical Indication has been added to the European register: it is Amatriciana Tradizionale TGS. With this Traditional Guaranteed Specialty, Italy can now boast 301 Geographical Indication products.

The Amatriciana Tradizionale pasta condiment boasts a strong tradition and specificity in consideration of the ingredients used, the specific method of preparation and also the peculiar social and economic characteristics of the Monti della Laga area, from which the preparation originates.

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The use of ‘guanciale’ (pork cheek) shows how Amatriciana Tradizionale characterized men’s relationship with their territory for centuries. In the past local shepherds, during the period of transhumance (which forced them away from home for a period of 4 to 5 months, generally from May to September) brought with them some products of easy and prolonged shelf life, such as pork cheek and flour, for their sustenance. With these simple ingredients, they could cook and dress their pasta dish.


Amatriciana Tradizionale is a food preparation that, when released, for consumption is presented in the following types:

  • sauce for immediate seasoning;
  • sauce for deferred seasoning.

When released for consumption, Amatriciana Tradizionale has the following organoleptic characteristics:

  • colour: more or less intense red;
  • appearance: creamy and homogeneous with grainy tomato puree and/or dense meat with distinguishable pieces of tomato;
  • flavour: typical of ripe tomato accompanied by savoury notes linked to the presence of the traditional seasoned pork cheek and chilli and/or dried or fresh pepper;
  • smell: characteristic of ripe tomato, typical of fresh product;
  • fat content: not less than 15 g/100 g (only for the type of sauce for deferred seasoning).


The following ingredients are traditionally used to make Amatriciana Tradizionale, out of the total finished product:

  • Amatriciano type pork cheek from 18 to 30%: the meat used for the preparation of Amatriciana Tradizionale is obtained from the fresh cheek of heavy pork trimmed in the shape of a triangle starting from the throat.
  • Extra virgin olive oil: 0,5% to 1%;
  • Tomato puree and/or peeled tomatoes in pieces (pulp) from 69% to 81%;
  • Salt as needed;
  • White wine;
  • Chilli pepper (dried or fresh) and/or pepper: quantum satis;
  • Grated Pecorino Amatriciano or Pecorino Romano PDO.

Unlike other similar pasta sauces, Amatriciana Tradizionale does not require the use of ingredients such as garlic, onion or bacon.

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