The Gorgonzola PDO production sees a resurgence in growth

Exports were stable in 2023. The Consortium for the Protection of Italy's most esteemed blue cheese anticipates active participation in key international expos this year
The Gorgonzola PDO production sees a resurgence in growth

The Consortium for the Protection of Gorgonzola PDO cheese has divulged production statistics as of December 31, 2023, revealing a notable upswing. In the concluded year, a total of 5,178,975 wheels were crafted, signifying a 2.59% augmentation in production compared to the preceding year. According to the Consortium’s financial report, the thirty-nine affiliated enterprises dispersed across fifteen production provinces spanning Piedmont and Lombardy, contributed to a surplus of 130,664 wheels over 2022. The driving force behind this growth was Piedmont, which witnessed a remarkable 3.58% increase, culminating in a total of 3,757,088 wheels in 2023.

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Up until September 2023, exports of Gorgonzola PDO remained robust, totaling 18,311 metric tons in the initial three quarters of the previous year. Antonio Auricchio, President of the Consortium, underscored the steadfastness of export performance, deeming it crucial amidst global uncertainties. He highlighted potential risks, coming from the “suspension, rather than the abolition, of import tariffs in the United States. As the upcoming presidential elections loom, any deviation from this stability could be catastrophic,” Auricchio says.


The Consortium’s itinerary for 2024 is replete with participation in prominent trade expos. Alongside the traditional appearances at Cibus in Parma (May 7-10) and Sial in Paris (October 19-23), they will make an inaugural entry at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York (June 23-25), with potential involvement in FoodEx Japan (March) currently under finalization.


Delving into the nuances of Gorgonzola PDO varieties, the sharp category saw production plateau at 614,039 wheels in 2023, constituting 11.86% of the total but registering a marginal decrease of -2.47% from 2022. Conversely, there was a notable decline of -25.21% in the production of fresh offerings designed for spoon sales. On a positive note, Gorgonzola derived from organic farming experienced a robust surge, boasting a 19% uptick equating to an additional 8,032 wheels manufactured in 2023.

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