Gorgonzola PDO’s producers target younger consumers

Exports of Italian blue cheese, now a classic of global cuisine, grew again in 2022
Gorgonzola PDO’s producers target younger consumers

Its millenary history and its presence in traditional and widely used dishes such as risotto or pizza make Gorgonzola PDO a classic of Italian cuisine, loved all over the world. Today, however, this culinary tradition is being renewed, and the Protection Consortium is taking up the challenge by focusing on younger consumers. The recent meeting of the Consortium’s 39 member companies focused on these projects.


On an annual basis, Gorgonzola PDO production in 2022 was 5,048,311 wheels, with a traditional slowdown in the summer months. A decrease occurred in both regions that make up the area of origin of the Italian blue cheese: Piedmont -2.73% (3,627,372 wheels) and Lombardy -7.11% (1,420,939 wheels).

The “Biotype production decreased by -20.93% (42,225 wheels) and its share in the total production is only 0.84%. The production of the “Piccantetype also fell (-8.14%), however, it reached a share of 12.47% of total production.

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In 2022, Gorgonzola PDO exports increased by +1.9%, with a total of 25,191 tons exported: 21,733 tons went to EU countries (+2.7%) and the remaining 3,458 tons to non-EU markets (-3%). Germany and France accounted for 46.2% of total imports of Gorgonzola PDO with over 11.6 tons. In France, sales increased by +2.31%. In Germany, they decreased by -11.8%. Excellent results were recorded in Luxembourg (1,316 tons, +199.9%), and Hungary (+57.72%).

Outside the EU sales grew in Japan (+29.51%), the UK (+4.39%), and South Korea (+5.23%). Gorgonzola PDO is currently being consumed in 86 countries all over the world, with a value increase of +16.4% compared to 2021 (source: Clal processing of Istat data).


The international campaign “The Taste that Unites Generations” is about to start. Over the next two months, it will involve 25 well-known food-related web content creators from France, Spain, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy, with an estimated organic reach of 874,000 users. The talents will be asked to recreate a typical recipe from their country’s gastronomic tradition using PDO Gorgonzola.

With one of the highest levels of social engagement among Italian Geographical Indications – 589,000 mentions on Instagram – and a steadily growing export, Gorgonzola PDO is very popular in all the countries targeted by the campaign.

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