Gorgonzola PDO to represent Piedmont at Expo Dubai

The trade show in the Emirates is scheduled for October 1, 2021. The typical cheese from Novara will be present together with other Piedmontese F&B specialties
Gorgonzola PDO to represent Piedmont at Expo Dubai

Gorgonzola PDO will represent Piedmont at Expo Dubai, the trade show scheduled for October 1, 2021. The invitation came from the president of the Piedmont Region, Alberto Cirio, at the end of a meeting held in Novara at the headquarters of the protection Consortium of this typical cheese. The president of the Consortium, Antonio Auricchio, underlined the importance of Gorgonzola for the Piedmontese territory.

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The most sold PDO cheese from Piedmont – over 5 million wheels produced for the second consecutive year and constant sales growth in the last 12 years – Gorgonzola generates a turnover of 800 million euros, making it the third largest cow’s milk cheese among the Italian PDO cheeses, after Grana Padano PDO and Parmigiano Reggiano PDO.


Gorgonzola PDO is an excellent product of our territory, more and more appreciated outside the national borders. It is present in 88 countries, from Australia to Japan to the Middle East. In order to conquer new consumers abroad, we have to make the high quality of this product known” – said Antonio Auricchio. At the gala event scheduled at Expo Dubai, on a date yet to be defined, Gorgonzola will be present together with the Alba Truffle and other Piedmontese excellent food and beverage products.

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