Italian wine exports continue to surge in the US market

In the initial quarter of 2024, despite a continued downturn in consumption, imports from the primary overseas market for Italian wines have seen a modest uptick of +1.1%
Italian wine exports continue to surge in the US market

The United States stands as the premier export destination for Italian wine, with a value nearing two billion euros in 2023. Despite a notable -9.5% dip in consumption, imports from the USA continued their ascent in the first quarter of 2024, rising by +1.1% in volume and +2.6% in value, totaling $508 million.

According to insights from the Unione Italiana Vini (Italian Wine Union’s) Observatory, based on SipSource data covering 75% of US commercial establishments, last March witnessed a further downturn (-13%), compounding the quarterly challenges. This trend mirrors the global decrease in wine purchases, which plummeted by over -10% in the world’s foremost market.

Prominent Italian wine denominations, including Barolo, Chianti Docg, and Pinot Grigio, experienced double-digit declines in consumption. Despite this, Asti Docg maintained stability, while Chianti Classico and Brunello di Montalcino saw notable growth. Prosecco consumption also saw a dip (-4.5%).

During this period, sparkling wine imports from the USA declined by -4.6% in volume, while bottled wine imports increased by +0.6%. Paolo Castelletti, Secretary General of Unione Italiana Vini, emphasizes the critical role of promotional efforts for the medium to long term, particularly in a market with considerable potential like the United States.

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