Asti Docg wines production crosses the threshold of 102 million bottles

After the definitive approval of the new specifications, the Consortium logo will become a collective symbol and appear on the bottles bands
Asti Docg wines production crosses the threshold of 102 million bottles

The production of Asti Docg wines in 2021 marked a growth rate that bodes well for the future. According to the data released by the protection Consortium, more than 102 million bottles were produced, with an increase of +11% compared to 2020 (already up from 85.5 million bottles in 2019). The double-digit growth concerned both Moscato d’Asti (+10%) and Asti Spumante (+12%).

These numbers – comments Lorenzo Barbero, president of the Consortium for the protection of Asti Docgtestify to the quality of the work carried out together with local producers and the Consortium member companies. Now we are planning several initiatives both in Italy and abroad. We will strongly resume promotional activities, which have been interrupted until now due to the pandemic, in the most strategic foreign markets”.

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Exports account for around 90% of total turnover, which now exceeds 300 million euros. The most important markets remain the USA – where Moscato d’Asti has sold 15 million bottles in 2019 and over 22 million in 2020 – and Russia, where 22% of Asti Spumante is exported.


Moreover, the Italian Ministry of Agriculture has just approved the request to modify the specification of Asti wines. The most visible aspect, as explained by the Consortium, “certainly concerns the logo of the Consortium, which will become the collective trademark of the Denomination. The image of San Secondo, patron saint of the city and central figure of the Consortium’s trademark, will therefore appear on the Docg labels which, by law, must be applied to all the bottles of our sparkling wines”.

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