Chianti Classico PDO wine is a staple for foreign consumers: here’s why

Despite the difficulties due to the pandemic crisis, consumers all over the world remain faithful to Chianti Classico denomination wines
Chianti Classico PDO wine is a staple for foreign consumers: here’s why

The first four months of 2021 closed with a clearly positive sign for Chianti Classico PDO sales. The historic Tuscan wine denomination’s bottles sold amounted to about 11 million (+31% compared to the same period of the previous year).

During the first year of the pandemic (2020), the consumption of the “Black Rooster” label wine recorded a contained loss (-8%). However, despite the difficulties in the Ho.Re.Ca. channel, the appreciation of consumers all over the world was confirmed in the first four months of 2021 for the new vintages as well: Chianti Classico PDO 2019, Chianti Classico PDO Riserva, and Gran Selezione 2018.

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A wine renowned and appreciated all over the world, today Chianti Classico PDO is present in more than 150 foreign countries which on average absorb 80% of the total annual production. Despite the pandemic, “loyal consumers” in historical markets such as North America, Germany, and the UK, but also in Asian markets, have continued to choose Chianti Classico PDO. E-commerce has also contributed to this. The volume of sales has significantly increased globally, particularly among high income Millennials.


The US confirms once again as the top importing country, a position it has held for more than 15 years. In fact, one bottle out of three is sold there. The domestic market is stable in second place, where 20% of the total Black Rooster label wines are sold. In third place we can find Canada and the UK (10% each). Sales in the latter country have significantly increased (+3% compared to 2019). The UK confirms itself as a very lively market, without forgetting the stockpiling effect due to the fear of a hard Brexit (that subsequently did not take place).

Germany follows with a share of 6%, before Scandinavian countries and Benelux (4% each). According to Chianti Classico producers, Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea, and China are showing a growing and renewed interest for Black Rooster wines in the last months, which foreshadows a possible expansion of sales in the near future.

The Chianti Classico PDO wine Consortium is the most ancient association of wine producers of Italy. Founded in 1924, it is among the most active ones in the national and international markets thanks to its 480 members.

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