Bauli and Tonitto unveil new gelato flavors: Pandoro and Panettone

The collaboration has spawned a novel range amalgamating the expertise of two stalwarts in the Italian frozen and confectionery realms
Bauli and Tonitto unveil new gelato flavors: Pandoro and Panettone

In the wake of a recent partnership between Italian firms Bauli, renowned for its confectionery, and Tonitto 1939, esteemed for its gelatos and sorbets, a trio of new gelato flavors has emerged: panettone, pandoro, and croissant with apricot. These delectable treats are elegantly packaged in cardboard, marking a harmonious fusion of culinary craftsmanship.

Amidst the landscape of packaged consumer goods, the gelato sector has demonstrated remarkable dynamism, posting a notable growth of 11.9% in 2023 compared to the preceding year. Notably, the strategic maneuver of extending premium brands into fresh market segments continues to yield substantial value within the industry.


The pandoro-infused gelato stands as a testament to the Italian confectionery tradition, deftly intertwining the delicate aroma of vanilla with the timeless allure of pandoro, encapsulated within a creamy, palate-refreshing ensemble. Similarly, the panettone-flavored iteration presents a tantalizing fusion, harmonizing the essence of traditional panettone with the medley of candied fruits and raisins, ensconced within a gelato evocative of Italy’s culinary heritage. Meanwhile, the croissant with apricot rendition reimagines the quintessential Italian breakfast experience.

Fabio Di Giammarco, CEO of Bauli, articulates the strategic imperative behind this collaboration, stating, “Bauli’s strategic vision encompasses diversification into burgeoning culinary realms, including the frozen domain. Extensive market research underscores the resonance of ice cream with our overarching investment strategies.” He further expresses satisfaction in embarking on this collaborative journey with Tonitto 1939, a family enterprise celebrated for its excellence both domestically and abroad.

Echoing sentiments of pride, Alberto Piscioneri, General Manager of Tonitto 1939, underscores the significance of this partnership. “We take great pride in aligning ourselves with a distinguished brand such as Bauli, renowned for its enduring legacy and global acclaim. This prestigious collaboration underscores Tonitto 1939’s relentless pursuit of market recognition and premium quality. The forthcoming debut of our joint ice cream offerings epitomizes the convergence of passion and tradition between two stalwarts of Italian culinary craftsmanship.”

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