Italian gelato sells best globally

Exports reached 85,970 tons in 2021 (+26%). UK, Germany, Spain and France are the main importers: the U.S. records a growth spike

Exports of Italian gelato reached a total volume of 85,970 tons in 2021 (+26% compared to 2020) with a value of 242 million euros (down by 20%). Most of the main destination markets are in Europe, especially in the UK, Germany, Spain, and France. The exception is the United States, which came in the first position among importing countries in 2021 reaching a share of 17 percent in volume and 22.5 percent in value, equal to 14,669 tons and 54.5 million respectively. The United Kingdom is the second largest export market for Italian gelato producers, both in volume (+8.3 percent) and in value (+21.5 percent), accounting for nearly 13 percent of volume and 16 percent of the total value, equal to 10,833 tons and 38.1 million euros respectively.

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Germany follows, with 10,466 tons of gelato imported from Italy (+7.6 percent) for a value of 41.3 million euros (+6.1 percent). In fourth place is Spain, thanks to an increase in sales of +11.9 percent in volume against a loss of 1.5% in value, amounting to 9,615 tons for a turnover of 29.5 million euros. France concludes this ranking, with an average of more than 12 percent between volume and value, buying 9,409 tons of Italian gelato in 2021 up +8.1% for a value of 34.6 million euros (+11.6%).

Europe’s export share is equivalent to about 90 percent of total volumes and values. In second place we can find America (with an 18% quota), followed by Asia (2.5 percent). Africa and Oceania close the ranking with a share of less than 1 percent.

In the 2012-2021 decade, Italian gelato exports grew both in volume and value. Going from 68,682 tons to 85,970, volumes increased 25%, as the value grew by +5.2% (from 230 million euros in 2012 to 242 million in 2021).

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