Eataly’s branded Panettone and Pandoro make global debut

Across all its stores, the biggest Italian food-halls chain unveils an exclusive private-label collection comprising three panettone and one pandoro, each crafted with proprietary recipes
Eataly’s branded Panettone and Pandoro make global debut

Christmas 2024 marks a pivotal juncture for Eataly, Italy’s premier food-hall chain, as it unveils its globally launched private-label line of panettone. This ambitious venture seeks to underscore the chain’s dedication, under the stewardship of founder Oscar Farinetti, to pioneering research and the development of products sourced from exceptional supply chains. Furthermore, it sets the stage for the expansion into additional product categories in the forthcoming year.


The quartet of novel offerings comprises the Classic Panettone, the Orange and Chocolate Panettone, complemented by a variant featuring Pistachio Cream, and the iconic Pandoro. Each undergoes a meticulous production process and protracted leavening, courtesy of natural sourdough. The meticulous curation of premium raw materials includes exclusive deployment of Piedmontese cream butter, fresh eggs, Langhe Nocciola Piemonte PGI, Italian dark chocolate drops, candied Italian orange peels, raisins, Madagascar vanilla, and a moment-fresh spread of roasted pistachio cream.

Enrico Panero, the Head of Product, Concept Innovation, and Development at Eataly, articulates the vision behind the project to Food, emphasizing, “This inaugural global presentation of our private label panettone line serves as a blueprint for the introduction of novel products in the coming year. Our aim is to align the esteemed Eataly brand with products characterized by premium ingredients, the result of our dedicated research and development efforts, all underscored by straightforward culinary formulations.”

CEO Andrea Cipolloni accentuates the central role of the Eataly brand within the strategic realignment: “Eataly stands as a universally acknowledged brand; during the past Christmas season, 120,000 individuals chose an Eataly gastronomic box. It is on the strength of this resounding consumer validation that we’ve embarked on this project. The entirety of this new line was internally conceived, leveraging Eataly’s extensive expertise, and is now available on a global scale.”

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