Asiago PDO cheese exports to Germany soar

Protection Consortium plans to enhance product value in the German market through strategic partnerships with the wine industry, Italian restaurants abroad, and specialty retailers
Asiago PDO cheese exports to Germany soar

The Asiago PDO Cheese Protection Consortium is bolstering its product presence in Germany, the paramount European export hub for the Veneto-Trentino specialty. Embarking on an ambitious initiative, the Consortium aims to engage key industry stakeholders.

Building upon recent triumphs at Eataly Munich and other premier specialty outlets, the Consortium is set to elevate its market standing in Germany. This involves forging discerning partnerships within the realms of the global wine industry, Italian gastronomy abroad, and specialized retail establishments.

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The launchpad for this endeavor is the food service channel, commencing on February 7 at Munich’s sophisticated Lowenbraukeller (Nymphenburger Str. 2). During this event, the Asiago PDO Consortium will convene with industry professionals and media, presenting the unique attributes of its product through an exclusive masterclass, thoughtfully paired with a selection of premium wines. This occasion will serve as a platform for championing quality and origin-centric dining, underscoring the pivotal role of restaurants as conduits for the recognition and appreciation of authentically Italian products. To underscore this commitment, the Consortium will confer a dedicated award to the German-based Italian restaurant boasting the most exemplary assortment of Italian PDO cheeses. This accolade will be bestowed upon Chef Giorgio Cherubini, the visionary behind Munich’s historic Osteria Der Katzlmacher and a fervent ambassador for Asiago PDO quality in Germany.

Continuing its strategic thrust, the Consortium will extend its influence to ProWein, the international wine fair slated in Düsseldorf from March 10 to 12. This presents an opportune moment to fortify Asiago PDO’s robust alliances within the wine sector, affirming collaborative efforts with partners such as the Consortium for the Protection of Valpolicella Wines. At ProWein, the Consortium will conduct a series of masterclasses in German, featuring guided tasting sessions. This forms part of the broader European campaign titled That’s Amore – European lifestyle: taste wonderfood,” a collaborative effort alongside the Consortium for the Protection of Valpolicella Wines, Riso Vialone Nano Veronese PGI, and olive oil varieties championed by the Olio Verona Producers Association.

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