The Asiago PDO Consortium targets the USA and EU markets

In January 2022 exports of the famous Veneto-Trentino cheese increased by +30.8% compared to last year
The Asiago PDO Consortium targets the USA and EU markets

Strengthening the presence abroad and continuing the action of enhancing the value of Asiago PDO, particularly in the United States and Europe (starting with Germany and the Czech Republic), is the goal of the campaign that the Consortium for the protection of the Veneto-Trentino cheese is about to start. The manufacturers want to consolidate the +30.8% growth in exports recorded in January 2022 (compared to the same month of the previous year).

The Consortium is therefore firmly focused on the recovery of international markets and is launching targeted and coordinated actions designed to significantly increase the share of exports. Starting with the historical markets of Asiago PDO. “It is necessary to enhance the recovery of exports on our product’s traditional markets, such as North America and Europe,” says Flavio Innocenzi, Director of the Consortium.

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The promotion will start in the USA, which, as of January 2022, is still the top importer of Asiago PDO. After the slowdown caused by the additional duties applied by the Trump administration and the effects of the pandemic, purchases in the USA more than doubled at the beginning of 2022 (compared to January 2021). This confirms the effectiveness of the promotional activities carried out by the Consortium, which, in the three-year period 2017-2019, has focused on strengthening the distinctive characteristics of this product, as opposed to other so-called “common”, or generic, cheeses. To do so, it implemented a highly successful project, namely “Uncommon Flavors of Europe”, worth three million euros. It involved more than 2.4 million American consumers. A new promotional initiative will soon be launched in order to communicate directly at points of sale the recent innovations introduced in the product specifications; starting with the high quality of long maturation.


As for European markets, Germany confirmed its position as the market leader on the continent by more than doubling its purchases (compared to January 2021). A particularly positive trend was recorded also in the Czech Republic, where Asiago PDO arrived for the first time in gourmet restaurants and in a series of highly-qualified supermarket chains thanks to a specific promotion campaign in the three-year period 2014-2016.

The Consortium has therefore chosen to involve Germany and the Czech Republic in another three-year project co-financed by the European Union, called “European Lifestyle: Taste Wonderfood – E.L.T.W.,” worth over 3.7 million euros and dedicated to the market of connoisseurs and consumers of high-quality products. The project puts together Asiago PDO and some of the most important excellences of the Veneto region such as Valpolicella Doc and Docg red wines, Vialone Nano PGI rice, and Garda PDO extra virgin olive oil. Participation in international events and trade fairs, promotional activities at points of sale, and an articulated program of synergistic online and offline promotion are planned.

In the coming months, we also aim to resume in-person activities in South America and Asia, in order to capitalize on the recovery trends of trade. Involving young people who, all over the world, are showing their appreciation for Asiago PDO cheese,” says Innocenzi.

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