Unione Italiana Food companies’ exports surpass €21 Billion in 2023

The sectors represented by the companies within this consortium of Italian food industries exceed 20, encompassing over 900 brands and 530 enterprises spread across Italy
Unione Italiana Food companies’ exports surpass €21 Billion in 2023

In 2023, the global recognition for the flag bearers of Made in Italy culinary excellence was reaffirmed. Over the past year, the export figures for sectors represented by the Italian food industries association, Unione Italiana Food, saw a remarkable surge of over +8% in value, crossing the €21 billion mark.

Delving deeper, this translates to an international consumption of three billion plates of authentic Italian pasta, alongside over 500 million servings of gelato, not to mention an impressive 55 billion cups of aromatic Italian coffee. Further, nearly one billion kilograms of assorted delicacies including biscuits, rusks, crackers, and traditional festive treats such as pandoro, panettone, and colomba were savored worldwide. Additionally, candies, tablets, and confetti enough to fill 24 Olympic-sized swimming pools, alongside 345,000 tonnes of frozen delights and 300,000 tonnes of dietary supplements were exported.

These compelling insights are disclosed by Unione Italiana Food, drawing from Istat’s analysis of the 2023 foreign trade data pertinent to the association’s principal merchandise categories, ahead of the inaugural Made in Italy Day slated for April 15.

The Unionfood conglomerate boasts a diverse spectrum of over 20 sectors, housing more than 900 brands and 530 enterprises strategically scattered across the Italian peninsula. Notably, every sector within Unionfood has notched up positive export figures in 2023 compared to the previous year. Particularly noteworthy are the soaring export figures in categories like broths, soups, sauces, and condiments (+20.7%), chips and savory snacks (+22.4%), jams and fruit preserves (+11.2%), baked goods (+13.2%), bread products (+12.7%), pickled vegetables, brine, oil, and other preserves (+12.6%), and dietary supplements (+10%).

According to Paolo Barilla, President of Unionfood, “The Made in Italy culinary sector epitomizes a unique model where small and medium-sized enterprises collaborate seamlessly with larger, more established counterparts, ensuring a formidable presence in international markets. It’s a virtuous cycle deeply rooted in our regional heritage, predominantly nurtured by family-owned businesses, some with legacies spanning centuries, which not only foster employment but also contribute significantly to wealth generation and communal prosperity.”

The profound economic and social impact generated by Union Italiana Food’s sectors hasn’t gone unnoticed. A comprehensive report compiled by Fondazione Edison in 2023 underscores Italy’s leading position in Europe—outranking formidable contenders like Germany, France, and Spain—in terms of both production value and employment figures across key sectors represented by Unionfood. Today, it’s worth noting that one in every two Italian agri-food products relished globally hails from the extensive purview of Unione Italiana Food.

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