Italian food exports to the Emirates soar to €412 million

The opening ceremony of the Italian Pavilion by the Italian Trade Agency marked the commencement of the highly anticipated Gulfood 2024 edition, the premier food and beverage trade show in the Middle East
Italian food exports to the Emirates soar to €412 million

At the inaugural ceremony of the Italian Pavilion at Gulfood 2024, the prominent trade show dedicated to the agri-food sector in the United Arab Emirates, the latest insights into Italian food exports in the Middle East were unveiled. The sector showcased remarkable potential, with a notable growth of +8.4% in November 2023, reaching a turnover exceeding 412 million euros—surpassing the overall made-in-Italy figures.

Matteo Zoppas, President of the Italian Trade Agency (ITA), emphasized the significance of the surge in agri-food exports to the United Arab Emirates, solidifying Italy’s position among the top three food product suppliers in the nation. Zoppas highlighted events like Gulfood as crucial for business networking, fostering valuable commercial relationships, and showcasing Italy’s diverse culinary offerings. He underscored Italian cuisine’s strategic importance, encompassing quality, agri-food excellence, biodiversity, and sustainability—a heritage on track to become UNESCO’s Intangible Heritage. Gulfood will feature cooking shows and masterclasses with the participation of 15 chefs from some of Dubai’s premier restaurants.

Italian Trade Agency-Gulfood

The inauguration of the Italian Pavilion witnessed the presence of key figures, including Lorenzo Fanara, Ambassador of Italy to the United Arab Emirates, Valerio Soldani, Director of the ITA Office in Dubai, Antonio Cellie, CEO of Fiere di Parma, and Andrea Caselli, Exclusive Agent for Italy at the Gulfood Fair.

Italian F&B companies are set to take center stage at Gulfood, with 200 entities participating in the strategic event held at the Dubai World Trade Centre until February 23. The ITA area is hosting 12 Italian companies, alongside 15 chefs, including Michelin-starred professionals from Dubai’s leading restaurants. Their involvement in the Italian Food Lab, an educational program on Italian cuisine, aimed to raise awareness among local and international markets about the sensory and health attributes of Italian products, with a specific focus on countering the Italian-sounding phenomenon.

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