The most iconic Italian F&B brands, unveiled

Findings from Plasmon-commissioned survey: insights from 800 consumers on diverse food & beverage categories
The most iconic Italian F&B brands, unveiled

On the inaugural Made in Italy Day, slated for April 15th, Plasmon has delved into the essence of Italian gastronomy by scrutinizing its most iconic brands and products in the food and beverage domain. A comprehensive survey canvassing opinions from a diverse cohort of 800 respondents nationwide was undertaken.

Plasmon’s biscuit claims the top spot in the baby food category with an overwhelming 80% consensus. Barilla’s n° 5 spaghetti reigns supreme in the pasta brands domain, while Ferrero’s Nutella dominates the spreadable creams segment, and Algida’s Cornetto stands tall among gelatos. The battle for supremacy intensifies in the chocolate and beverage sectors, with Baci Perugina and Crodino emerging as the victors, respectively. Noteworthy is Aperol’s dominance in the spirits category. Meanwhile, Rossana candies emerge as the epitome of candy excellence, and Prosciutto di Parma PDO asserts its dominance among deli meats. Lastly, the fiercely competitive biscuit category sees Pan di Stelle by Mulino Bianco emerge as the undisputed winner.

Lydia Capasso, Plasmon’s brand & communication manager, opines, “A brand achieves icon status when it succeeds in etching a memory into the collective consciousness—not just owing to its delectable taste and superior quality, but also due to its rich historical legacy and the emotions it evokes across generations.” She further notes, “Our biscuit serves as a poignant symbol of many Italians’ childhood, perpetuating a timeless taste that transcends generational boundaries.”

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