Italian candies, exports up 34%

In 2021, the value of foreign sales reached 750 million euros, showing the growing popularity of Italian sugar confectionery on the international scene
Italian candies, exports up 34%

The candy industry in Italy is worth 763 million euros (in 2021) and 25 million people habitually eat candies, according to a BVA Doxa research firm report made for the association of Italian food companies Unione Italiana Food.

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In 2021, candy production in Italy reached 89.4 million tons, and the industry is distinguishing itself abroad. As many as 19,172 tons of candies were exported in 2021 (34 percent more than in 2020) worth 64 million euros. The positive trend continued in the first six months of 2022 when exports grew by 28 percent.

Candy regulars in Italy are mostly adults (in 8 out of 10 cases). 57 percent chew at least one candy once or twice a week, and do so mostly in the afternoon (39 percent) and in the morning (30 percent). Enticing this segment of the population is the function of candies; particularly that of freshening breath, as 45 percent of the panel surveyed confessed.

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