Italian PDO wines exports exceed €5.1 billion in 2023

Prosecco PDO retains once again crown as the most exported Italian wine all over the world
Italian PDO wines exports exceed €5.1 billion in 2023

In 2023, Italian PDO wines upheld their robust export trajectory, eclipsing the €5.1 billion threshold (+0.3% from 2022). Nonetheless, volumes saw a downturn, tallying 1.3 million hectoliters, marking a -3.8% dip. This steadiness secured Italy’s second spot in Europe among PDO wines exporters, trailing France and leading Spain. Given Spain and France’s faltering performances, Italy widened its lead over Spain while marginally closing the gap with France, although still trailing significantly by €4.7 billion. These revelations stem from the latest analysis by Nomisma Wine Monitor, the Italian observatory dedicated to the wine market, focusing on Italian PDO wines exports in 2023.

The average export price of Italian PDO wines surged to €4.99 per liter (+4.3% compared to 2022). Notably, premium red wines from Piedmont and Tuscany commanded the top positions, while PDO sparkling wines (including Lambrusco) and still-white wines from Veneto occupied the lower rungs of the pricing spectrum.

Prosecco maintained its dominance as the foremost Italian PDO wine globally, nearing a total value of €1.7 billion. Despite stumbling sales in its primary market, the USA, 2023 witnessed stellar performances in the UK and France. In the latter, Prosecco purchases soared by +31.2% compared to 2022. Apart from slight downturns in Canada and the USA, exports of Italy’s flagship sparkling wine flourished across major destinations, with Poland, Austria, and Sweden registering double-digit growth rates (in value). Concurrently, the average export price surged.

Denis Pantini, Head of Nomisma Wine Monitor, remarked, “Amidst the global downturn in red wine consumption, the majority of Italian PDO still wines encountered setbacks, with Venetian reds suffering losses exceeding -10%.” While PDO red wines from Tuscany and Piedmont also saw declines, albeit less pronounced, sales of white wines from Sicily, Trentino-Alto Adige, and Friuli-Venezia Giulia surged.

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