The Italian “PDOeconomy” exceeds 20 billion euros

In 2022, the PDO and PGI Food & Beverage sector witnessed a robust annual growth of +6.4%. Exports soared to surpass the 11.6 billion euro mark
The Italian “PDOeconomy” exceeds 20 billion euros

In 2022, the Italian PDOeconomy, encompassing PDO and PGI food and beverage products, breached the 20 billion euro mark, marking a +6.4% annual surge (source: 21st Ismea-Qualivita Report). This milestone accounts for a substantial 20% slice of the overall turnover in the Italian agri-food sector.

The food sector notched up nearly nine billion euros, registering a +9% growth, while the wine sector exceeded 11 billion euros, showing a +5% increase. These figures underscore the robust resilience of the Italian PDOeconomy. This well-coordinated system boasts 296 protection Consortia and over 195,000 businesses across the food and wine supply chains, engaging almost 900,000 workers.

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In 2022, exports surged to 11.6 billion euros (+8% from 2021), constituting 19% of the overall foreign turnover in the Italian agri-food sector. The PDO/PGI food sector raked in 4.7 billion euros, marking a +6% annual growth (+66% over the past decade), driven chiefly by sales in non-EU markets (+10%). The PDO/PGI wine sector approached the seven-billion-euro mark, recording a +10% upswing from 2021 and an +80% surge since 2012 (+116% considering only PDO wines). PDO and PGI wines contributed to almost 90% of the export value of Italian wineries.


In 2022, Italy’s PDO and PGI food sector approached the nine-billion-euro mark at the source (+9% annual growth, +33% trend over ten years), culminating in a final consumption turnover surpassing 17 billion euros (+6%). Exports reached 4.6 billion euros (+6% annually and +66% since 2012).


The production of bottled PDO and PGI wine, following a significant spike in 2021, settled at 26 million hectoliters in 2022, a marginal decrease from 2021 (-4%). Nonetheless, value data indicate growth for bottled wine (+5%, reaching 11 billion euros) and bulk wine (+13%, reaching 4 billion euros). Positive outcomes were particularly pronounced for PDO wines (+12%), notably sparkling wines (+21%).

Francesco Lollobrigida, the Italian Minister of Agriculture, underscores, “Italy is committed to quality, and we are determined to safeguard it by fostering synergies and fortifying our global presence.”

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