Mortadella Bologna PGI sees surge in production, sales, and exports

In 2023, the renowed Italian deli meat from Emilia-Romagna witnessed a surge in exports, registering an uptick of +6.7%. Germany and the United Kingdom are the key export markets, where sales grow double digit
Mortadella Bologna PGI sees surge in production, sales, and exports

In 2023, the production of Mortadella Bologna PGI reached 39.5 million kg, with sales hitting 33.3 million kg. Compared to 2022, this marks a notable uptick in production by +3.7% and sales by +0.8%, as per data sourced from IFCQ certifications. Notably, the pre-packaged sliced variant of the deli meat has sustained its impressive decade-long growth trajectory, boasting a remarkable surge of +6.5%. This advancement saw a leap from 4.7 million kg processed in 2013 to 11.3 million kg in 2023, effectively doubling the sales volume by +240%.

Guido Veroni, President of the Italian Consortium for the Protection of Mortadella Bologna PGI, expressed satisfaction with the growth momentum, attributing it primarily to a robust uptick in exports, which surged by +6.7%. Veroni underscored the Consortium’s steadfast commitment to promotional initiatives, aimed at fostering global awareness and safeguarding the esteemed status of this renowned PGI deli meat.

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The expanding share of exports accounted for 20.9% of total sales in 2023, marking a steady rise of +6.7% compared to the previous year. The majority of shipments are directed toward European Union markets, with France and Germany emerging as key destinations, commanding shares of 26.4% and 22.7% respectively. Noteworthy is the robust performance witnessed in the German and UK markets, boasting growth rates of +15.8% and +20.8% respectively. These advancements have translated into an expansion of market share, with Germany’s share increasing from 20.9% to 22.7%, and the UK’s from 5.9% to 6.6%.

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