The global success of mortadella

The Bolognese cured meat gains acclaim, even catching the attention of The New York Times. Exports to the USA surged by an impressive +50% over the past four years
The global success of mortadella

The ongoing success of mortadella has long since crossed Italian boundaries, with exports and popularity experiencing a continuous ascent. So much so that the New York Times recently dedicated an extensive feature to this quintessential Bolognese cured meat, lauding its global success and culinary adaptability.

The escalating ardor among American consumers for this Italian delicacy is also underscored by recent data from the Sole 24 Ore Italian newspaper. Exports to the USA surged by an impressive +50% from 2019 to 2022, reaching 1,200 tons and exceeding a value of seven million euros. Mortadella’s worldwide exports, with Europe as its primary hub, stand at 30,175 tons, complemented by an additional 5,670 tons of Mortadella Bologna PGI.

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Mortadella commands a total turnover surpassing 780 million euros, and sales in Italy at the end of June exhibit annual growth of +5.2% in volume and +15.6% in value, as reported by Circana research firm.

This success is attributed, in part, to its relatively competitive pricing, notwithstanding a +10% increase according to NielsenIQ, in comparison to the average among Italian cured meats. Guido Veroni, President of the Consortium for the Protection of Mortadella Bologna IGP, notes, “We take pride in this year’s performance, countering the deceleration observed in the growth of mass-market products in Europe, underscored by the subdued growth trend in deli products.”


Italian cured meat firm Veroni Spa, boasting a turnover of 140 million euros, was acquired last June by the American conglomerate SugarCreek. Having already established a foothold in the American market, Veroni emerged as a preeminent player in pre-sliced products through its facility in New Jersey.

Conversely, the Felsineo group, deeply rooted in Zola Predosa in the province of Bologna, has long been dedicated to mortadella production. Crafting various recipes, including PGI, for both proprietary brands and diverse private labels, Felsineo introduced the Felsineo veg line in 2017, capitalizing on the surge in popularity of plant-based products. In 2022 this line reported a turnover of 4.5 million euros, contributing to the group’s overall total of 55 million euros.

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