Exports of Italian sparkling wines to the US continue to grow

In 2021 sales up +19% over 2019. Exports are booming in Pennsylvania (+120%)

In the period January-November 2021, value imports of wine from Italy to the US increased – compared to the same period in 2019 – by +7% for bottled still wines, and by as much as +19% for sparkling wines.

According to the data released in the eighth edition of Nomisma’s Forum Wine Monitor, among the major buyers of Italian sparkling wines, there is Pennsylvania. In the period considered, this state has increased imports by +120% becoming the second for the absolute value of imports of Italian sparkling wines (after California and before Florida, Texas, and New Jersey).

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As Giuseppe Capuano, Executive Vice President of Vias Import Ltd, explained, “Pennsylvania (where there is a public monopoly for the distribution of spirits, similar to the ones existing in Sweden and Norway), imports a lot also thanks to a revitalization of the sales points of the monopoly itself”.

The same cannot be said for the state of New York (top importer of Italian sparkling wines until 2020), which, because of the pandemic, has seen a considerable decrease in tourists in 2021 and, as a consequence, in the consumption of sparkling wines in wine bars and restaurants.

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