Carnevale celebrates Italian food in London

The Italian family-run importer and distributor offers discounts on a series of Italian bakery products until December 31st on the occasion of the Week of Italian Cuisine in the World
Carnevale celebrates Italian food in London

This year, London-based Italian importer and distributor Carnevale Ltd decided to “celebrate the Week of Italian Cuisine in the World by offering a 25% discount on all Mulino Bianco, Pan di Stelle, Ringo, and Pavesi products until December 31st,” states the company on social media.

According to Carnevale, Barilla’s bakery brand Mulino Biancois the brand that has truly captured simplicity and quality over the several decades in many Italian households. On the other hand, Pavesi, also a Barilla brand, is all about mouthwatering biscuits and crackers that go perfectly with your favorite drink or as a quick snack on the go.”


C. Carnevale Ltd (London, Kings Cross) is an Italian family-run, manufacturer, importer, and distributor of a complete range of food & drink products covering the total food service requirements of any business.

Carnevale dates back to 1966 when two young brothers, Carmine and Giovanni Carnevale, from the Apennine village of Capracotta in Molise, Southern Italy, established the company and began manufacturing and selling mozzarella and ricotta for the first time in central London.

Carnevale’s range of premium foods, provisions, and beverages are distributed all over the UK thanks to its multi-temp vehicles fleet and six depots. Thus it can meet the needs of any restaurant, pizzeria, hotel, delicatessen, caterer, food processor, and wholesaler anywhere in the country offering free delivery and no minimum orders.

Carnevale remains a family-run business with various members of the family’s second generation joining and continuing “the work of evolving the company and upholding its reputation as a leader in its field.”

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