Barilla Enters the Spreadable Creams Market

Next January, the Pan di Stelle spreadable cream will debut on the shelves. It will compete with Ferrero’s Nutella for the market of sweet spreadable creams made with cocoa and hazelnuts
Barilla Enters the Spreadable Creams Market

Starting next January, the spreadable Pan di Stelle cream by Barilla will debut on the shelves. It is a sweet product based on cocoa and hazelnuts, intended to compete with the world famous Nutella by Ferrero. The new product (above, the official image) will contain the ingredients of the Mulino Bianco’s Pan di Stelle biscuits, on the market since 1983. It will be made of 100% Italian hazelnuts, with cocoa purchased by supporting the social and responsible initiatives implemented by the Cocoa Horizons Foundation. Among these, Barilla emphasizes in an official statement “the construction of a well for drinking water and other future projects, such as the construction of a school, in support of local communities in Ivory Coast”. The new competitor of Nutella is to land in a sector, that of sweet spreads, untouchable until a few years ago as Nutella dominated the market.


Great attention has been paid to the nutritional profile – adds Barillaspecifically as for sugar and saturated fats content: for the latter aspect, the absence of palm oil in the recipe is highlighted, in line with all Barilla products on the market today”. The spreadable cream also contains the grain of Pan di Stelle biscuits. The product will be contained in a 330-gram glass jar, with a transparent label and a fully recyclable metal cap.

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