Italian F&B exports to reach €60 b by the end of 2022

Wine and fresh fruit and vegetables are the most exported Italian food products in the world
Italian F&B exports to reach €60 b by the end of 2022

Should the current growth trend be confirmed, Italian food&beverage exports will reach 60 billion euros by the end of 2022. This is according to an analysis by the Italian farmers’ association, Coldiretti based on Istat data on foreign trade for the first ten months of 2022. The data show a rise of +17.8 percent for Italian food export sales.

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This would be yet another all-time high for the Italian food industry, all the more so at a time marked by the effects of the conflict in Ukraine and the rising cost of energy that are affecting production and consumption worldwide.

Italian F&B exports – Top destination countries

COUNTRY% Var. 2022-2021 (January-October)

Germany remains the main outlet market, with sales up +13% in the January-October period, ahead of the United States (+20%). France takes third place with a growth rate of +17%. Positive results also in the UK (+18%) where Italian food exports are proving stronger than Brexit.

Double-digit growth also in Turkey (+25 percent) while sales drop by -21 percent in China and -7 percent in Russia. Products such as wine and fresh fruit and vegetables are driving Italian food export sales.

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