Italian food exports set to break yet another record

After the €52 billion of sales in 2021, the sector could reach €60 billion by the end of this year

In the first six months of 2022, Italian food exports grew by +20.6 percent, and this despite booming energy and raw material costs and the outbreak of war in Ukraine. “This achievement,” says the undersecretary of the Italian Ministry of Agricultural Policies, Gian Marco Centinaio, “rewards the work of businesses and the policies pursued in recent months. Moreover, it shows the increasing desire and demand for Italian food, synonymous with a true lifestyle and a guarantee of quality, goodness, and safety.”

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According to Istat data on foreign trade, Germany is still the main outlet market for Italian products. In the first half of 2022, sales increased by +14.8%. Germany is followed by the United States (+21.2 percent) and France (+20.6 percent). Despite Brexit, the UK also continues to import Italian food products. Sales grew by +22.6 percent during the period under review. The most significant result, however, concerns Turkey, where Italian food exports increased by +29.3 percent. Negative signs, however, for sales to China and Russia, which recorded declines of -26.9% and -17%, respectively.

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