All is ready for an “Al Dente” World Pasta Day

On October 25 the 22nd edition will start despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Pasta has always been a must for Italians, but also in France, Germany, UK and USA the health emergency has fueled the boom of spaghetti & co. During the lockdown, global consumption has grown by 24%
All is ready for an “Al Dente” World Pasta Day

The World Pasta Day is back. An event conceived and organized by Italy’s pasta makers of Unione Italiana Food (former Aidepi) and IPO – International Pasta Organization, which every October 25th celebrates this symbol of the Mediterranean Diet. It is a way to tell and taste the Italian excellence of pasta, which has always been an icon of a good and healthy diet.

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the confirmation of the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site to Mediterranean Diet, at the center of the 22nd edition of World Pasta Day, the Italian pasta makers celebrate pasta and the uniqueness of the Mediterranean lifestyle with the second edition of “Al Dente” event. The restaurants participating in the initiative will include on their menus a recipe inspired by the theme #VivoMediterraneo #WorldPastaDay. On October 25th, a social pasta party will unite the world in a virtual “spaghettata”.

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It is a symbol of the good and healthy Mediterranean Diet”. This is one of the most popular motivations for those who choose to eat a dish of pasta (Source: Doxa/Unione Italiana Food 2019). We are talking about 9 Italians out of 10, who claim to eat it regularly, with even the superfans who eat it every day (36%, almost one out of four).

The current year – sadly marked by the Covid-19 global health emergency – has not stopped the global love for pasta. An international study reveals that 1 in 4 people increased their consumption during the lockdown, choosing it as a “dish of the heart”, good, healthy, practical and sustainable, during the most difficult time.

1 pasta dish out of 4 consumed in the world comes from Italy (3 out of 4 in Europe)

The research commissioned by Unione Italiana Food and Italian Trade Agency – Doxa, “The consumption of pasta during the lockdown”, interviewed over 5 thousand people in Italy, Germany, France, UK, and the USA, confirming the peak of consumption during the pandemic. These countries together account for more than a third of the global pasta consumption and are also the first reference markets for Italian pasta, which allocates 60% of its production to exports.

World Pasta day

In 2019 almost 16 million tons of pasta were produced in the world (more than double the 7 million tons produced in 1999). In Italy, where there is a solid tradition, almost everyone eats it (98%) with an average amount of 23.1 kg per capita per year. About 6 Italians out of 10, in all age groups and with a peak in Central-Southern Italy, bring it to the table every day.

Eat pasta at least once a week

98 Italians out of 100
85 French out of 100
71 British out of 100
61 Germans out of 100
56 Americans out of 100
Source: Doxa survey for Unione Italiana Food and Italian Trade Agency

Almost all French, Germans and British people consume it too. Not to mention Americans (9 out of 10), which is incredible considering that the USA is the home of hyperproteic diets. It must be said, however, that in all these countries the average per capita consumption is lower than in Italy: 9kg per year in the USA, 8kg in France and Germany, 3.5kg in the UK.

Italian pasta top importing countries

Source: Doxa survey for Unione Italiana Food and Italian Trade Agency


Rome, Milan, London, Paris, New York, Washington, Dubai, Bali, Buenos Aires: these are just some of the “pasta capitals” where it is possible to taste one of the signature pasta dishes inspired by the #VivoMediterraneo theme during this week. Many young chefs have joined this world tour around spaghetti alongside heavyweights of the kitchen such as Heinz Beck, the Cerea and the Alajmo brothers, Isis De Cesare, Sandro and Maurizio Serva, Francesco Apreda, Alfonso and Ernesto Iaccarino.

World Pasta day

Those who wish to experiment with the author’s interpretation of the dish will be able to consult the list of restaurants that join the initiative on the dedicated digital platform. The invitation of Unione Italiana Food and IPO is also extended to bloggers and pasta lovers. On October 25 a social pasta party will embrace the 5 continents in a virtual “spaghettata”. With the #VivoMediterraneo and #WorldPastaDay hashtags, everyone will be able to post photos and videos of their idea of Mediterranean pasta on social media. The best ones will be shared and mentioned on official We Love Pasta Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter channels.

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