Asiago PDO Consortium targets Asian and South American markets

In 2023, production of Asiago PDO cheese saw significant growth, with Aged variety up by 20.5% and Mountain Product variant increasing by 7.8%. Export figures also rose, marking a 5.4% increase
Asiago PDO Consortium targets Asian and South American markets

Despite significant global uncertainties in 2023, the Asiago PDO Cheese Protection Consortium remained resolute in its distinctive product positioning strategy. This approach leverages the natural high quality of this renowned Italian cheese adept at meeting evolving consumer demands. Consequently, there has been a notable uptick in the production of long-aged and niche variants, which have garnered increased consumer attention.

Last year saw the production of 1,516,568 wheels of Asiago PDO, generating a revenue of €160 million, a 13.4% increase from 2022. The longer-aged and niche products were most successful, notably Asiago PDO Stagionato, Asiago PDO Riserva, and Asiago PDO Prodotto della Montagna. Production of Asiago PDO Stagionato rose by 20.5% to 231,016 wheels, driven by a growing appreciation for its quality and organoleptic characteristics, aligning with contemporary consumer preferences. Additionally, Prodotto della Montagna, produced at altitudes above 600 meters, continued its growth trajectory, with production rising by 7.8%, from 72,378 wheels in 2022 to 78,008 in 2023.

In the first quarter of 2024, Asiago PDO cheese outperformed other Italian hard and semi-hard cheeses, with domestic consumption surging by 15.2%, coupled with effective inventory reduction and export growth.

Export figures for 2023 indicate a 5.4% rise over the previous year, with the United States, Switzerland, Germany, and France remaining the primary markets. Meanwhile, the Consortium has set its sights on expanding its footprint in Asia and South America, starting with South Korea and Mexico, which already recognize and protect this Protected Designation of Origin. The Consortium’s efforts to combat the misuse of the “Asiago” name and its trademarks achieved notable victories in 2023, spanning Chile, Brazil, Canada, and Australia. These successes lay the groundwork for a new phase of international expansion in the coming years.

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