Tonitto 1939 gelatos conquer Eastern Europe

In 2024, the Genoese company expanded its brand into Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo, Croatia, and the Czech Republic, as well as Morocco and the UAE. By summer, new ventures are set to commence in Bosnia, Serbia, Greece, and Romania
Tonitto 1939 gelatos conquer Eastern Europe

The current year is marking a pivotal moment for Tonitto 1939’s international ambitions. The historic Genoese company, renowned for its gelatos and sorbets, achieved record sales in the first quarter. Tonitto 1939 has initiated numerous large-scale projects, securing significant market share across Eastern Europe. Export sales now account for around 30% of total revenue, with exports increasing by an additional 10% over the past year.


Tonitto’s branded gelatos and sherbets have entered Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Croatia, and the Czech Republic. An important partnership in Bosnia and Herzegovina is set to launch soon.

In the private-label sector, a steadily growing market that comprises about 70% of the company’s total revenue, new projects are slated for Serbia, Greece, and Romania, alongside a second collaboration in Greece.


Tonitto 1939 has also penetrated the markets of Morocco and the United Arab Emirates with its own brand. The company aims to establish a presence in markets with seasonal patterns opposite to those of the Northern Hemisphere, initiating projects in South America, particularly in Peru.

Alberto Piscioneri, General Manager of Tonitto 1939, states, “Our success in entering such diverse markets is a source of immense pride. The healthy segment and new, smarter formats are generating interest across all new markets. We are making substantial investments in numerous initiatives, including a joint project with Bauli, and expanding our range with innovative new projects.”


To further broaden its client base, Tonitto 1939 participated in the recent international PLMA trade show in Amsterdam. The event featured over 2,900 exhibitors from 70 countries, spanning 43,000 square meters of exhibition space.

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