Italian Pavilion opens at the 2023 PLMA Trade Show

The PLMA 2023 kicks off on 13 November. Over 70 Italian companies are participating, thanks to the efforts the ITA office in Chicago
Italian Pavilion opens at the 2023 PLMA Trade Show

The Italian Trade Agency (ITA) unveiled the Italian Pavilion on November 13 at the Private Label Manufacturers Association’s (PLMA) 2023 Private Label Trade Show in Chicago. Over 70 Italian companies are participating, thanks to the efforts the ITA office in Chicago has assembled at the show. The ITA is the Italian Government Agency that works to promote the internationalization of Italian companies abroad and attract foreign investment in Italy.


Our ITA Chicago office has made great strides with our U.S. retail partners during the last 10 years in moving towards a more sustained and lasting presence of Authentic Italian f&b on their shelves,” said Italian Trade Commissioner Marco Verna.

Verna added, “Our efforts are now paying dividends as U.S. retailers and consumers move, in greater numbers, toward a selection of premium, competitively priced, high-quality brand and private label specialty products, which is the perfect definition of ‘Product of Italy’”.

The Italian participation at PLMA Chicago, stated the Italian Trade Commissioner, continues to grow year after year, as the Italian pavilion represents the largest international pavilion on the show floor with more than 70 producers.

Retailers’ presence and interest in the concept of ‘Authentic Italian’ is resulting in more business opportunities for those Italian producers who choose to travel to Chicago each November and take part in the largest and most important private label trade exhibition in North America.

Anthony Aloia, Corporate Vice President at PLMA, explained the association’s relationship with the ITA: “The great thing about the Italian Pavilion (ITA) is that they, alone, are used to entering markets all over the globe and doing it longer than any other country. They have the experience. They do it better than any other country. To work with the ITA, they know what they are doing.”



Plma expects that over 1,500 companies will be exhibiting and 5,000 individuals will be attending. For those exhibitors attending the show, Aloia offered his advice on how to get a private label deal with a retailer. “If you bring forward a quality product and have to be committed, that you want to enter the market, enter private label because it’s not going to happen overnight. You gotta give it a couple of years. Retailers are willing to work with you. Retailers are willing to give unique and interesting product lines a chance.Aloia added a regional launch might be a good idea. “You’ll be surprised how willing a retailer wants to work with the right supplier that is open-minded in creating a long-term relationship for a fruitful store brand program.



The trade show theme for 2023 is ‘The store brands phenomenon’, showcasing how private labels are spreading from aisle to aisle and going across multiple industries. PLMA is welcoming a record number of country pavilions. At the show, 45% of the exhibitors are from outside the United States. Almost 60 countries will be represented on the show floor.

Global foods are one of the fastest-growing segments. Aloia believes the number one reason why American consumers are craving global foods has to do with American demographics. There is a huge Latin American consumer base all over the country. The fastest-growing population in the US is coming from Asia. Second, there is a greater population of college students, and their education leads to a population that is able to travel the world and is open to different types of cuisine. Finally, the biggest reason for a surge in global foods, Aloia believes, comes down to authenticity. Over the last decade, there has been an increase in demand and desire for product country of origin.



The PLMA reports that one in every five products purchased at a retailer is a store brand. This year’s show takes place between November 12 and 14 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Chicago. The business opportunity for the private label category is strong. By the end of the year, PLMA forecasts that private label sales are projecting 233 billion in industry sales. The Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA) is a non-profit trade organization founded in 1979 to promote the store brands industry. It represents more than 4,000 companies worldwide.

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