Foodex Japan 2024: record-breaking presence of 220 Italian companies

In 2023, Italy achieved a significant milestone in agri-food exports to Japan, with a record-breaking value exceeding 934 million euros, according to the Italian Trade Agency
Foodex Japan 2024: record-breaking presence of 220 Italian companies

The inauguration of the Italian Pavilion at Foodex Japan 2024 marks a pivotal moment in the 49th edition of the paramount Asian exposition dedicated to the agri-food and beverage sector. Unfolding from March 5 to 8 at the Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Center, the Italian presence commands attention with a robust representation of 220 companies, reflecting a noteworthy 10% surge from the 2023 edition, and an expansive footprint spanning over 3,000 square meters of exhibition space.

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Distinguished figures gracing the opening ceremony included Francesco Lollobrigida, the Italian Minister of Agriculture; Gianluigi Benedetti, the Italian Ambassador; and Matteo Zoppas, President of the Italian Trade Agency (ITA), alongside representatives from exhibiting associations and corporate entities.

Matteo Zoppas, President of ITA, stated, “With a formidable contingent of 220 companies, including 187 facilitated by ITA, Italy indisputably claims the preeminent position at Foodex Japan. The Italian Pavilion serves as a staunch advocate for the UNESCO recognition of Italian Cuisine as an Intangible Heritage, spotlighting the unrivaled quality of our culinary landscape and the pinnacle achievements of Italian enterprises.”

Italian participation in Foodex Japan 2024 assumes a dual role: a showcase of excellence and a platform to champion the candidacy of Italian Cuisine for UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, an initiative set in motion in March 2023. The ambition extends beyond acknowledging recipes and dishes to encompass the social nuances, rituals, and gestures integral to the preparation and consumption of food in Italy—essentially, celebrating these moments as communal experiences.

Foodex 2024-Italian companies-Italian food-Italian Trade Agency-Italian Pavilion


In the annals of 2023, Italian agri-food exports to Japan surged past the threshold of 934 million euros. This upswing is particularly pronounced in the demand for tomato preserves (+22.1%), pasta (+18.4%), and cheeses (+14.9%).

Against the backdrop of Foodex Japan 2024’s four-day spectacle, the Italian Trade Agency orchestrated strategic business-matching sessions for Italian enterprises within the Italian Pavilion. Simultaneously, promotional initiatives were launched to underscore the distinctive features of Italian agri-food productions. The exhibition canvas itself plays host to curated presentations, featuring illustrious Italian cheeses and a spectrum of coffee varieties showcased at the Coffee Point in collaboration with the International Institute of Coffee Tasters-Japan.

Within the Cooking Space, culinary virtuosos of Italian descent in Japan will stage gastronomic spectacles, spotlighting the ethos of healthy living under the thematic umbrella, “The Four Japanese Seasons with Italian Cuisine: For a Well-being with Taste!”—an ode to the symbiotic relationship between Italian gastronomy and the pursuit of a tasteful and wholesome existence.

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