Italian cheeses are gaining momentum in the Japanese market

In the year 2022, there was a remarkable surge in exports, soaring by +33% compared to 2021. This growth made the total export value reach approximately 90 million euros

In 2022, the exports of Italian agri-food products to Japan showcased a remarkably positive trajectory, soaring to a value of 140 billion yen (approximately one billion euros), marking a notable +18.8% surge compared to the previous year. While currently occupying the 18th position among food and beverage suppliers in the Japanese market, Italy’s share stands at a modest 1.6%.

Of particular significance is Italy’s standing as the fifth-largest cheese supplier to Japan. The year 2022 witnessed an exceptional uptick in Italian cheese exports, registering an impressive +33% growth compared to the preceding year, with a total value of around 13.7 billion yen (approximately 90 million euros).

To bolster the presence of Italian cheeses in Japan, the Italian Trade Agency recently orchestrated the “Borsa Formaggi” (Cheeses Stock Exchange) event in Tokyo, a dedicated gathering exclusively focused on showcasing Italian cheeses and dairy products. The event featured participation from 16 companies hailing from diverse Italian regions, presenting an enticing array of over 60 cheese varieties and dairy delicacies. Adopting a trade walkaround tasting approach, the format captivated industry stakeholders, affording them the exclusive opportunity to savor a meticulously curated selection of premium Italian cheeses while engaging in informal b2b meetings with producers and importers.

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