Italian F&B exports surge in 2023

From January to October 2023, export sales reached a total of €51 billion—a 6% surge compared to the corresponding period in the previous year, according to the Italian Trade Agency
Italian F&B exports surge in 2023

Italian F&B exports demonstrate robust growth, reaching 51 billion euros in the January to October 2023 period, marking a 6% surge compared to the corresponding period in the previous year, as per insights from the agri-food sector of the Italian Trade Agency (ITA), the Italian government entity dedicated to fostering international business and promoting the renowned Made in Italy brand. Notable upticks were observed in key markets, including Germany, where Italian F&B exports soared by 10.2%, France with an 11.5% increase, and Spain, which experienced a substantial uptick of 10.4%. The other key markets for Italian F&B products are the United Kingdom (+9.1%) and the USA (-0.9%).

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The ITA strategically engages in an array of initiatives to propel the Italian Food & Beverage sector onto the global stage. This includes an annual presence at 56 dedicated fairs globally, 18 events hosting foreign buyers in Italy, 14 workshops and tastings as part of B2B engagements abroad, 17 targeted communication campaigns, and seven synchronized efforts with major retail distributors.

Out of 120 initiatives held in 2023, 84 were dedicated to non-alcoholic beverages and food, while 36 spotlighted Italian wines. Impressively, 3,448 participants engaged in coordinated actions with retail trade, with 2,444 individuals participating in overseas fairs and events. Italy also hosted 1,944 foreign operators.

Looking ahead, the Italian Trade Agency is set to showcase the prowess of Italian food industries at upcoming international events, including Sirha Budapest (March 5-7), Foodex Japan (March 5-8) in Tokyo, and Alimentaria (March 18-21) in Barcelona.

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