Italpizza takes over Nestlé facility in northern France

The Italian group specializing in frozen pizzas advances its international expansion by acquiring the Caudry plant. The production focus will be on private labels
Italpizza takes over Nestlé facility in northern France

Italpizza, a prominent Italian player in the frozen pizza sector, is advancing its global footprint with the acquisition of Nestlé’s pizza manufacturing facility in Caudry, northern France. This move strategically positions Italpizza to tap into the burgeoning markets of Northern Europe. The production focus will be tailored to private labels, aligning with newly secured contracts from key players in the grocery retail sector.

Beyond the acquisition expenses, Italpizza is earmarking over 12 million euros for comprehensive renovations and revitalization initiatives at the Caudry plant. This financial commitment is part of a multi-year expansion plan set to unfold until 2028, anticipating the recruitment of an additional 140 personnel at full operational capacity. This strategic investment aims to fortify Italpizza’s industrial presence across Europe, presently encompassing six facilities serving customers in 60 countries.

The acquisition not only facilitates a direct service conduit to Northern Europe and the UK but also promises logistical efficiencies and production rationalization. Exclusive focus on pre-baked oven products across production lines underscores the Italian company’s commitment to quality.

Cristian Pederzini, President of Italpizza, underscores the significance of this move, stating, “Our three-decade-long presence in France, catering to major retail chains, underscores our commitment to the region. The acquisition of the Caudry facility, strategically positioned and economically attractive, is pivotal in our overarching internationalization strategy. Establishing a production hub in Northern Europe enhances our competitive edge in product distribution, aligning seamlessly with our ongoing global expansion initiatives.”

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