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Italpizza showcases its new products at Cibus

The Italian company specializing in frozen pizzas presents the new tastes of the 26x38 line and the traditional Gran Pizzeria

Italpizza – the Italian leading company specialized in the production and marketing of frozen and unfrozen pizzas – presents some new products that expand its lines at Cibus 2018: 26×38, the famous rectangular pizza, and Gran Pizzeria, the range inspired by Neapolitan tradition. For the new products – Pomodorini & Basilico and 5 Formaggi for the 26×38 line, and Bufala & Pomodorini for the Gran Pizzeria range – the artisan process remains unchanged: dough rising for over 24 hours, manual spreading and topping, baking in a wood oven. A guarantee in addition to the selection of high-quality raw materials.

Italpizza-Cibus 2018

The new 26X38 range

When we think about pizza we usually imagine something round. With Italpizza’s 26×38, customers can have a rectangular pizza. And now, for those who have friends at dinner, a last minute parties or want a different snack, two more alternatives are available: Pomodorini & Basilico and 5 Formaggi. Made from a mixture of soft wheat flour, water, extra virgin olive oil, salt and yeast, 26×38 Pomodorini & Basilico pizza is topped with sauce and tomato pulp seasoned with olive oil, sugar, salt and basil. On the surface it is seasoned with mozzarella, tomatoes, hard cheese, sunflower oil and basil leaves. The pizza 5 Formaggi 26×38, made with a dough composed of soft wheat flour, water, extra virgin olive oil, salt, and yeast, is topped with white sauce, mozzarella, spicy provolone, Emmenthal, blue cheese sauce, Grana Padano PDO, and sunflower oil.

Italpizza-Cibus 2018

The new Bufala & Pomodorini

Bufala & Pomodorini is made for those most faithful to tradition. It is the new Gran Pizzeria taste from Italpizza, the range of pizzas that refers to the Neapolitan tradition with the high pizza rind and the soft and fragrant dough naturally leavened for 24 hours; all seasoned with extra-virgin olive oil. From the dough made of soft wheat flour, water, extra virgin olive oil, salt, and yeast, the pizza Bufala & Pomodorini Gran Pizzeria is stuffed with Campania buffalo mozzarella PDO, cherry tomatoes, tomato pulp seasoned with olive oil, sugar, salt, basil, cornstarch, and sunflower oil.

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