Italian deli companies target the US market as cured meat snacks are catching on

Snacks are more and more a part of consumers daily life, especially in the American market. And charcuterie companies are taking advantage of it

According to the latest market trends, snacks between meals are more and more a part of the daily life of consumers, especially in the American market. In fact, in the United States consumers regularly prefer to buy practical and convenient packaged foods, and the new fashion of the home aperitif is gaining momentum. That is why Italian deli meats producers which are well-positioned in the pre-sliced segment have done well also during the pandemic emergency, and more and more companies are focusing on the snack segment.

At the Summer Fancy Food Show 2022 in New York, F.lli Beretta “launched 27 on-the-go snacks different varieties between salami, prosciutto, and cheese,” the President of F.lli Beretta USA, Simone Bocchini, said. The best-selling products are “the ones representing the ‘Italian aperitif’ at this moment. Currently, people get together more often, and in smaller groups,” Bocchini said. To tap this trend, smaller formats are the best suited.

Parmacotto is also on its way to “bring to the US the Italian charcuterie tradition, being at the same time close to the American market trends,” said CEO Andrea Schivazappa. The focus is mainly on younger consumers.

Rovagnati, the Italian company specializing in the production of cooked ham, is targeting the US market too. This year, it also won the Italian Food Award USA.

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