Veroni is the leading Italian cured meat brand in the US

The historic charcuterie company from Emilia grew double-digit in 2021: +23.7%. This result consolidates its innovative business model
Veroni is the leading Italian cured meat brand in the US

Veroni, a leading Italian company in the production of cured meats, achieved a +23.7% increase in turnover in 2021, compared to 2020 in the United States. This result contributed to closing the company’s 2021 financial year with a global turnover of 140 million euros.

In the first quarter of 2022, the +30% growth trend in the USA is even more encouraging. So much so that Veroni is confirmed as one of the top 20 brands – and by far the top Italian brand – in the free-service segment of sliced meats of all types.

These figures are the result of the commitment from the entire company and a firm determination to make a 100% Italian charcuterie product,” says Stefano Veroni, President of the Veroni Group. “More and more customers are discovering the ‘taste’ of eating Italian, learning to invest in the quality of a product that is very different from what they have been used to. Our sliced meats bring true Italian food culture to America.”


The goal of Veroni’s challenge, which began in 2016 when the ‘slicing plant’ in New Jersey was inaugurated, has been strengthened over time. “We wanted to maintain the uniqueness of our products, but at the same time face the market with important sales volumes at adequate prices,” explains Stefano Veroni. “This choice led us to create an innovative and winning business model, which has generated employment development both in Italy and in the United States.”

The art of Italian charcuterie is also valued thanks to a process that has no equal in the USA. In order to guarantee maximum safety, the cold cuts, even before reaching the United States, undergo an HPP (High-Pressure Processing) treatment that makes the products microbiologically more stable, preservable, and safe, thanks to a process of blast chilling by means of hydrostatic pressures many times higher than atmospheric pressure.

The cured meats reach the United States by sea, in special temperature-controlled containers, and are then sliced and packaged in “clean rooms” at the local Logan facility. This is a competitive advantage that allows Veroni to adapt with greater flexibility to the needs of the local market, offering a wide range of packaging combinations, always characterized by the highest standards of quality and safety.

Local partners and employees live in the area surrounding the Logan plant, creating a true “American charcuterie hub”, according to Veroni’s value model: authenticity of ancient recipes, following the most modern standards of innovation and technology in the sector.

For Italians, food is synonymous with culinary art, the pleasure of the table, and aesthetic research,” says Emanuela Bigi, Marketing manager at Veroni. “It’s a unique combination that we want to bring to the American market, thanks to an offer of products capable of replicating a truly Italian consumer experience. This has led to the creation of real kits such as the Enjoy AperiTime trays or the Charcuterie Party Tray, which offer tastes and flavors of our tradition to recreate the authentic Italian aperitif: a ‘ritual’ that is becoming popular also in the United States.”


Today, cold cuts are among the most popular specialty foods in America. According to a survey conducted by Veroni in 2021, 78% of U.S. consumers enjoy eating charcuterie together with friends or family. It’s no coincidence that cheese and cured meat trays are increasingly shared on social media. A real phenomenon that represents the latest trend, reproducing the best of the Italian aperitif in the homes of Americans.


Cold cuts sold on the American market will be the focus of the twenty-first edition of Cibus, the international food fair underway in Parma until May 6. American buyers, among others, are expected to attend. For the occasion, Veroni has set up a 180 square meters stand where the excellence of Italian production will be flanked by the best of the products sold in the United States. Mortadella Briosa, the savory breakfast BrioBrain, and Toladolsa beer will be presented for the Italian market.

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