Export sales soar to 5 billion euros for the Italian food districts

According to a study by Intesa Sanpaolo the boost comes mainly from pasta, which is a key player within the large-scale retail trade
Export sales soar to 5 billion euros for the Italian food districts

In the third quarter of 2020, Italian agri-food districts achieved more than 5 billion euros in export sales, up +2.3% on 2019. According to a report by Intesa Sanpaolo, this is “a record figure for Italian agri-food district exports, which had never exceeded 5 billion in the summer quarter.”

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The greatest contribution to growth came from the Pasta and Sweetssupply chain, whose success on international markets shows no sign of stopping. Sales grew by +4.1% in the third quarter, which, added to the strong progress of the previous months, brings the balance of the first nine months of 2020 close to ten percentage points (+9.9% trend).


Notable progress was made also by Parma Food district (up 9% in the third quarter, +26.9% in the January-September period), Coffee, confectionery and chocolate from Turin” (up 14.3% in the 3rd quarter, up 16.4% in the first nine months of 2020), and “Food from Naples” (up 15.8% and 24.2% respectively).

The second largest sector in terms of growth is that of Canned Foods. Sales grew by +5.6% on an annualized basis in the quarter (+9.4% in the first nine months of the year), driven by the “Nocera canning district”, which contributes over 50% with a double-digit growth (+15.3% in the 3rd quarter and +11.1% in the first nine months).


The turnover of Italian pasta in large-scale distribution reached 720 million euros last year. The brands with the strongest growth in 2020 were Rummo and La Molisana, both able to achieve a +31% increase in sales. These were followed by Voiello (+19%), Garofalo (+12%), Granoro (+9.5%), De Cecco (+6.8%) and Divella (+6%). The leader remains Barilla, which gained +2.8% for a total value of 175 million sales and a market share of 24.5%.

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