Pecorino Romano PDO gets on the podium in Europe

“Pekorase” has been judged as the third best project among all EU countries. Discover all the other promotional programmes involving Pecorino cheese around the world
Pecorino Romano PDO gets on the podium in Europe

Pecorino Romano PDO wins the podium in Europe with “Pekorase Italia-Germania” project. The 3.3 million euro project, presented by the famous Italian product’s protection Consortium and co-financed by the EU, has in fact earned the third place in the ranking of the best proposals from each of the 27 EU countries.

This rewards the path of innovation and internationalization developed in the last 5 years by the Consortium, which invested up to 11 million euros to make Pecorino Romano PDO better known, tasted and appreciated all over the world: from Japan to the United States, from Canada to Germany, from France and the United Kingdom, without forgetting Italy.

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We have bet a lot on internationalization, working hard to bring the most akin-to-local-tastes kind of Pecorino to any country in the world” says the president of the Consortium, Salvatore Palitta.

Pecorino Romano PDO


The Pekorase project will start between January and February 2021. About 30% of total budget is for activities in Germany and 70% in Italy. The project is made in fact of a series of activities with Pecorino Romano PDO as the sole protagonist. We are talking about advertising on Italian television, events with the Associazione Professionale Cuochi (Professional Chefs Association), cooking competitions for professional chefs (both in Italy and Germany) and for Italian hotel institutes, without forgetting a website, some social media activities, and participation in major trade shows in Italy and Germany.


Officially launched this year in Japan, Chizu is co-financed by the EU, involves an investment of 1 million euros and will last 3 years. The project involves the restaurants of Tokyo metropolitan area in a series of initiatives and activities: website and social media promotion, TV programs, fairs and restaurant events. The Japanese market is currently one of the most interesting for Pecorino Romano PDO.


Financed by the Sardinia region, Rosafi is realized in collaboration with the Pecorino Sardo PDO and Fiore Sardo PDO Consortia with a total investment of about 4 million euros. Rosafi should have ended this year after 3 years of activities, but the total paralysis due to the Covid pandemic has caused the end of the project to be postponed by June 2021. The export countries involved by Rosafi are the USA (where the goal is the growth in the specialty market), Germany, France, and the UK.


Started in 2017 and completed in March 2020, carried out together with the Asiago PDO and Speck Alto Adige PGI protection Consortia, Propaseu could count on a total investment of about 2.5 million euros. Its target countries were the United States of America and Canada. The activities included market research, workshops dedicated to industry professionals, incoming journalists, and promotion in stores in the two countries.

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