The origin of pork meat to become mandatory on Italian cold cuts’ labels

The new labels will have to show the country of birth, rearing and slaughter of the pigs whose meat has been used to produce cured meats

The Italian government is to about to approve a decree – already authorized by the European Commission – that makes it compulsory to indicate the origin of pork meat on Italian cured meats’ labels.


The text requires producers to indicate the following information legibly on labels of salami, hams, etc.:

  • Country of birth”: name of the country of birth of the pigs;
  • “Country of rearing”: name of the country where the pigs are reared;
  • “Country of slaughter”: name of the country where the pigs were slaughtered

When the meat comes from pigs that are born, reared and slaughtered in the same country the indication of origin may appear in this form: “Origin: (name of the country)”. The wording “100% Italian” may be used only when the conditions of this paragraph are met and the meat comes from pigs born, raised, slaughtered and processed in Italy.

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When the meat comes from pigs born, raised and slaughtered in one or more EU or non-EU Member States, the indication of origin may appear in this form: “Origin: EU”, “Origin: Extra-EU”, “Origin: EU and Extra-EU”. The decree will be in force on trial until the end of 2021.


I have always considered transparency of information to the consumer as a priority – says the Italian Minister of Agriculture, Teresa Bellanova -. Italy confirms its leadership in Europe, and we will fight to extend this obligation to all kinds of food. The Farm to Fork’ strategy must also be implemented for compulsory labelling.”

The protection of the agri-food chain and Made in Italy products – says the Minister of Economic Development, Stefano Patuanelliare at the heart of the action taken by the Government to give certainty both to companies and to consumers, who require transparency in the information contained in the labels.”

This decree is a step forward in ensuring ever greater transparency and safety on popular food products. In this way, the health of citizens is better protected,” says Italy’s Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza.

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