Cold Cuts: More Healthy Solutions Required

The need to overcome the non-healthy perception of deli meats boosts players to invest in the provenance of the used meat and to develop certified bio lines

It is indubitably the organic option that stands out most among the top innovative trends in the cold cuts sector. The need to overcome the non-healthy perception of products, so as to increase the opportunities for consumption and attract the young consumer targets boosts among Italy’s companies the development of natural and healthier solutions. At the same time, it responds to the demand of going back to basics, using simple recipes and only essential ingredients, thus favoring the quality of the raw material and the controlled supply chain. Fumagalli, for example, took over an organic farm and then launched a special cold cuts line last year. It is called I Leggeri di Fumagalli and includes, among other things, salami, cooked, raw, and loin, with a low-fat content that, in the case of salami, is 40% lower than the standard versions. The company itself continues to focus on a wide range with special lines dedicated to animal welfare, light, and premium offer, such as the Selection range, on top of its organic line. It is noteworthy that 70% of its turnover comes from exports and particularly from sales in the United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Switzerland, and Japan. Raspini, on the other hand, has recently presented an organic line exclusively made with certified ingredients. It is composed of organic roast turkey breast, organic Bresaola Punta d’Anca (haunch), organic raw ham, high quality organic cooked ham, and organic cubes of cooked ham. All products are available in the practical open & close pack.

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The Piedmontese company focuses on the Salumi Liberi line, linked to an animal welfare programme in which the animals are raised without antibiotics from birth, with a vegetarian diet throughout all the various stages of growth. The range currently includes a high quality cooked ham and seasoned cured ham. By the same token, animal welfare is another important trend that characterizes the cured meat market, prompting an increasing number of companies to renew their farms, invest in sustainability and above all rationalize the use of antibiotics. In addition, the number of consumers choosing the vegetarian and vegan segment is growing strongly in the market. As opposed to a passing fad, this trend coincides with new eating habits and therefore stimulates players to invest. This happened in Felsineo’s case, which, together with Mopur Vegetalfood, founded a new company called FMV, specialising in the production of 100% vegetable-based and organic cold cuts and a factory dedicated to Zola Predosa, in the province of Bologna. Veghiamo is the brainchild of this union. It is a line of high protein cold cuts, dedicated not only to vegetarians and vegans but to all those who are seeking healthy but tasty alternatives to meat and cured meats. The products contain over 25% protein and only 7% fat, which are values that make them suitable for a healthy and balanced diet. They are available in six different varieties: lupine, delicate, smoked, spicy, with pepper, and truffle.

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The cooperative from Imola, specialized in cold cuts, participated in Marca 2019 with outstanding results and the aim to expand abroad. A positive outcome that the cooperative from Imola, Clai, has brought to Marca 2019. They specialize in meat processing and cold cuts production, which are controlled through the entire production cycle. As highlighted by the General Director, Pietro D’Angeli, in an interview with Food, “We have increased sales, both for meats and cold cuts, hired new personnel, we are currently building a new plant and designing a new slaughterhouse. All products are doing well, including the traditional lines, especially low-fat cold cuts, such as Bellafesta, Zuarina Prosciutto and organic ones. We are delighted. The goal for 2018 is to grow further abroad, particularly in Asia, the United States and Canada. We want to increase awareness of our products and their features.”

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Veroni takes a chance on healthy food with Salamot: made of 100% Italian meat, it’s a high-protein and low-fact product (30% less fats compared to Salame Milano, source: CREA). With no added preservatives, allergens, gluten, additives. The product is slowly sliced, as tradition demands, and each slice is positioned by hand to preserve its freshness. Among its main innovative features, the company highlights the HPP treatment (high-pressure processing) that allows eliminating all possible bacteria, in particular, salmonella and listeria. A 100% safe, low-fat, high-protein product.

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