Italian coffee leads the way

According to the latest survey by AstraRicerche for the Consorzio Promozione Caffè, 81% of Italians can recognise an espresso with their eyes closed when they are abroad
Italian coffee leads the way

Few things unify Italians quite like coffee, a symbol of Made-in-Italy renowned worldwide. This belief isn’t a mere stereotype but a deeply ingrained conviction among nearly all Italians, underscoring their enduring connection with this beverage. The latest survey by AstraRicerche for the Consorzio Promozione Caffè affirms this, highlighting the values that regular Italian coffee drinkers (over 98% of respondents) associate with their cherished espresso, presenting a distinctly “tricolore” picture.

We all agree: coffee has always been a symbol of Made-in-Italy globally. But how much value do Italians place on this belief? AstraRicerche’s findings confirm the indissoluble bond between Italians and coffee and reveal the wealth of excellence, innovation, creativity, and tradition that the espresso cup embodies,” says Michele Monzini, President of Consorzio Promozione Caffè.


Among the most exported Italian agri-food products in 2023, coffee, with a turnover of €2.259 billion (up 6.8% from 2022), stands out. Italians themselves are its staunchest advocates, with 92% asserting that its quality is well-represented by both famous brands and small roasters (87%). Coffee is seen as a perfect blend of tradition and creativity (91%) and a symbol of Made-in-Italy (90%), reflecting Italian expertise in roasting (89%).


Coffee has always made Italians feel at home, especially abroad, where they firmly believe their espresso is the best in the world (88%) and widely appreciated (86%). This sentiment is echoed by foreigners in Italy (80%). Italians love finding good coffee while traveling (89%) and are confident they can recognize it even with their eyes closed (81%). They believe coffee fosters a positive image of Italy globally (89%) and helps export their coffee culture (83%). For foreigners, the quintessential symbol of Italian coffee is the bar espresso (61%), followed by the moka pot (22%).


For Italian coffee lovers, drinking coffee is a multisensory experience (70%). It starts with aroma: the scent of freshly brewed coffee (91%) and roasted beans (88%) is most appreciated. Then comes taste, defined by flavor (89%) and warmth (84%), which is also appreciated tactilely (81%). The sound of the moka pot (84%) is more cherished than that of the bar machine (68%). Lastly, visual appeal is crucial, especially when assessing the final appearance of coffee and its variants like cappuccino or macchiato (83%).

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