Sorce Family’s pizza set to make waves in Singapore

In June, the inauguration of the 'Fortuna' venue is slated, featuring the pizzeria born from the esteemed Sitàri venture, renowned for its exclusive focus on authentic Italian products and cuisine
Sorce Family’s pizza set to make waves in Singapore

The ‘Sorce Family,’ a moniker affectionately embraced by four Italian enterprising cousins—Giorgio, Filippo, Alberto, and another Giorgio Sorce—embark on a gastronomic odyssey from their Agrigento, Sicily roots to the bustling streets of Singapore. Their culinary brainchild, the ‘Fortuna,’ is slated for a grand debut in June, nestled in Singapore’s urban heart, heralding the arrival of the Sitàri Group brand to Asia’s shores. Joining forces with them is Egon Marzaioli, a seasoned overseas investor, synergizing his ‘Fortuna’ eatery with their premium pizzeria, emblematic of the revered Sorce tradition.

These cousins, architects of the Sitàri Project since its 2013 inception in Agrigento, embody the essence of a ‘Made in Italy’ endeavor, cultivated entirely within Sicilian soil. Their vision: revolutionize Agrigento’s pizza scene, now poised for a Southeast Asian conquest. Tradition forms the bedrock of their culinary offerings, but innovation and local nuances will infuse their creations, reflecting their distinct creative ethos.

At the heart of their enterprise lie Italy’s culinary treasures, poised to captivate Singapore’s cosmopolitan populace and amplify the Bel Paese’s culinary and agricultural prowess. Sicily’s finest raw ingredients—the irreplaceable Siccagno tomato of Valledolmo, the velvety ricotta from local shepherds, and an array of gastronomic jewels—will bear the seal of superior quality.

Giorgio Sorce
Giorgio Sorce (cousin)
Alberto Sorce
Alberto Sorce

Giorgio Sorce articulates their culinary philosophy, emphasizing an unwavering commitment to using ingredients that epitomize regional excellence, underscoring the essence of their master pizza artisans’ craft.

In Singapore, ‘Fortuna’ will be helmed by Omar Tutino, hailing from Agrigento and formerly the head pastry chef alongside the acclaimed Antonino Cannavacciuolo Chef at Hotel Villa Crespi.

An exemplary fusion of cultures awaits diners, epitomized by ‘Between East and West,’ a dessert masterpiece symbolizing Sicily’s embrace of Singapore and paying homage to their homeland’s culinary heritage. Crafted meticulously using the shokupan technique, this delicacy—a rose-shaped delight—holds profound significance, inviting diners to savor each petal dipped in sheep’s milk ricotta and cinnamon—a tantalizing cross-cultural experience.

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