The export value of Italian food and beverage stands at €64 b

In 2023 Italian products set a new record registering a 6% surge in sales compared to the preceding year
The export value of Italian food and beverage stands at €64 b

In 2023, Italian food and wine exports surged to a historic peak, reaching an impressive 64 billion euros—an uptick of +6% compared to the previous year, as per Coldiretti, Italy’s foremost association of farmers and breeders.

However, the current zenith in the exports of Italy’s culinary treasures faces potential disruption due to navigation challenges arising from Houthi attacks on vessels in the Red Sea, particularly impacting the 3.8 billion euros worth of annual agri-food shipments to Asia.

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On the global trade front, more than a third of Italian food products find markets beyond the European Union, however, with Germany, France, and the United States maintaining their positions as key trade partners.

Coldiretti underscores that this export milestone is propelled by an agrarian sector that stands out as the greenest in Europe. Italy leads in organic production, boasting 80,000 operators and the highest number of recognized PDO, PGI, and TGS specialties (325), including 526 PDO and PGI wines.

Italy’s agricultural prowess extends to being the premier European producer of staples like rice and durum wheat, as well as an array of vegetables synonymous with the Mediterranean Diet. The nation also dominates fruit production, excelling in apples, pears, cherries, table grapes, kiwi, hazelnuts, and chestnuts.

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