Vinitaly: Italian wine exports triple in last 20 years

At the latest edition of the Italian trade show dedicated to wine, US emerges as top foreign market for Italian wine, with France seeing most remarkable export surge
Vinitaly: Italian wine exports triple in last 20 years

In the last two decades, Italian wine exports have surged nearly threefold (+188%), penetrating markets across 140 foreign countries. This growth has propelled wines to the forefront of Italy’s global agri-food exports, a revelation unearthed by Coldiretti, the Italian farmers’ association, through an in-depth analysis of Istat data unveiled at the 2024 Vinitaly trade show. Vinitaly wrapped up its annual gathering this year, drawing in 97,000 attendees and over 30,000 international stakeholders (+2%), representing a diverse spectrum of 146 nations. Of particular note was the remarkable 20% surge in top-tier buyers, totaling 1,200 individuals from 65 countries, selected by VeronaFiere in partnership with the Italian Trade Agency.

Amid these global forays, France emerges as a standout arena, witnessing a remarkable +321% spike in Italian wine imports, tallying €316 million in 2023 alone. Stateside, the United States, commanding the apex of Italian wine exports, saw a robust +148% imports uptick, raking in a hefty €1.76 billion. Meanwhile, Germany, Italy’s second-largest export market, saw a respectable +69% climb, reaching €1.19 billion in 2023. Not to be overlooked, the United Kingdom experienced a staggering +186% surge, amounting to €843 million.

Fueling this success story is Italy’s sprawling viticultural landscape, boasting 674,000 hectares of vineyards, with 125,000 dedicated to organic cultivation, and a rich tapestry of 570 indigenous grape varieties. This biodiversity, nurtured by the endeavors of 240,000 wine-producing enterprises, yields a palette of 529 wines bearing coveted PDO and PGI designations.

Despite grappling with adversities such as a historic downturn in production due to the pernicious downy mildew parasite and geopolitical tensions impacting market dynamics, Italy’s wine industry stands resolute, a testament to its enduring resilience amidst the tumult of 2023.

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