Gorgonzola PDO exports two million wheels in 2023

Italian blue cheese sees 1.1% rise in exports, reaching 24,982 tons in 2023; value surges by 15.5% to €202 million, outpacing 2022 figures
Gorgonzola PDO exports two million wheels in 2023

As per the latest disclosures from the Consortium for the Protection of Gorgonzola PDO on 2023 exports, volumes managed to hold firm despite a challenging economic climate, while values experienced a significant uptick compared to 2022. Last year witnessed a 1.1% surge in exports, totaling 24,982 tons or 2,081,834 wheels exported, with the overall value skyrocketing by approximately €202 million, marking a remarkable 15.5% increase compared to 2022 (source: Clal).

Gorgonzola PDO remains a cornerstone of Italian culinary exports, boasting a presence in 91 countries worldwide and accounting for around 40% of total production exported, totaling five million and 179,000 wheels in 2023.


The European Union continues to serve as a crucial destination for Gorgonzola PDO exports, soaking up a substantial share of the market. Notably, exports to the top two EU importers, France (485,803 wheels) and Germany (442,800) remained largely steady in 2023, with Spain (155,164) witnessing a notable 8% uptick. Furthermore, standout sales performances were recorded in emerging markets such as Macedonia (+89%), Bosnia and Herzegovina (+51%), Norway (+40%), Ukraine (+28%), and Poland (+15%).


Outside the EU, Gorgonzola PDO exports witnessed a robust 2.9% growth, reaching 296,583 wheels in 2023. Switzerland emerged as a significant importer with 85,465 forms, while the United Kingdom rebounded with an 8% growth post-Brexit, receiving 44,347 wheels. Meanwhile, Japan retained its position as the foremost non-EU importer for the third consecutive year, acquiring 44,482 wheels, representing a notable 15% increase. Other noteworthy markets include the USA (32,738 wheels, +1.56%), with remarkable sales performances observed in Indonesia (+147%), Costa Rica (+48%), and Hong Kong (+40%).

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