Gorgonzola PDO export sales are Brexit-proof

According to Consortium figures sales of Gorgonzola PDO grew in 2020, as well as exports, despite Brexit
Gorgonzola PDO export sales are Brexit-proof

Gorgonzola PDO production and sales continue to grow. In fact, in 2020 production grew by +1.49%. This is revealed by the data released by the protection Consortium which reports a production of 5,100,423 wheels in 2020, that is 74,638 more than in 2019 (and +5.18% than in 2018). In January 2020, Gorgonzola PDO recorded the highest monthly production (492,269 wheels) in the last five years.

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In a year marked by the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, it was not so obvious that we would be able to maintain positive production and exports data” – said Antonio Auricchio, president of the Gorgonzola PDO Consortium. “However, production exceeded 5 million wheels, a quota reached for the first time in 2019, confirming the trend of the last 12 years.”

More than two thirds of production was concentrated in Piedmont (3,616,765 wheels) and the remaining part in Lombardy. About 11.3% of total production was destined for Gorgonzola Piccante (576,877 wheels).

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As far as exports are concerned, in 2020 1,603,000 wheels were destined for EU countries, equal to 85% of the share destined for exports, growing by +2.85% compared to 2019. Germany is the first destination country (486,446 wheels), followed by France (41,454), Spain (95,948), and the Netherlands (84,740). The overall figure is positive despite the collapse of exports to the UK (53,894 wheels), which dropped by -21.26% “largely due to Brexit” as the Consortium points out.

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