Prosecco on tap “is not Prosecco”

Controversy surrounds UK anti-counterfeiting campaign by Consortium protecting the renowned Italian sparkling wine
Prosecco on tap “is not Prosecco”

The Prosecco DOC Consortium has launched a targeted awareness campaign, titled ‘This is not Prosecco,’ in London since December, marked by the prominent display of 880 posters. The initiative aims to protect consumers loyal to the esteemed Prosecco designation. The Consortium reports “a ‘strong reaction’ from the lobby of English wine-on-tap sellers, deeming the Prosecco producers’ move as ‘out of sync with market demands’.”

Prosecco DOC
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Stefano Zanette, President of the Prosecco DOC Consortium, emphasizes, “It’s crucial to understand that Prosecco can exclusively be sold in bottles, and marketing Prosecco on tap constitutes a fraudulent act. Our protection office collaborates daily with local authorities to combat the persistent misuse of the ‘Prosecco’ term in sparkling wine sales. Given the escalating severity of the issue in the United Kingdom, the Consortium’s commitment will intensify in the coming months to reassure British consumers that when they order ‘Prosecco,’ they receive the authentic Prosecco DOC.”

Luca Giavi, the Consortium’s Director, adds, “Our Prosecco DOC bears this name as it adheres to a stringent set of specifications, rendering it both unique and certified. Opting for the original is consistently superior to a mere imitation.”

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